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Here at Sevier Valley Goat Ranch, we strive to raise good hardy goats that are well built from the front end to the hind end. We strive to raise does that are good mothers that have well proportioned udders, good mothering instincts and will mother up to there babies and take good care of them. We like our Bucks to be thick well muscled and have a good disposition and be well manered. We want to sell goats that will be hardy and will gain and maintain there body condition on whatever feed or pasture they might be on. We believe that with a solid Buck and good Does that you can raise good goats and that you don't have to spend lots of money to have good goats. We want the buyers of our goats to be happy with the goats they are buying. And when they have purchased one of our goats we want them to feel they have purchased a Doe or Buck or kid that will improve their herd or place well in the show ring and at a fair price.


About Us

Sevier Valley Goat Ranch is a family owned meat goat operation located in Venice, Utah. We are a meat goat operation dabbling in raising show kids. We raise percentage boer goats and mytonic and texmaster goats. We sell doelings for breeding, breeding bucks and show kids. All our goats are free roaming pasture fed and we use no antibiotic or hormones on our goats. My wife, Stephanie, and I bought five head of goats back in 2006 to eat weeds in a field behind our house. Within the first week of getting the goats we had two die and we found out one was a free martin, and they had managed to find hole in our fences, we were beginning to wonder why we had bought these darn things. The first couple of months were very discouraging but we have managed to hang tough and after lots of and lots of wondering if we are doing the right thing we are glad we have stuck with it.

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